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Saundra Davis Campaign for Fairfax County At-Large School Board Leads in Fundraising

***For Immediate Release***

Saundra Davis Campaign for

Fairfax County At-Large School Board

Leads in Fundraising


June 13, 2023 – Fairfax County, Va. – Newly released data indicates Fairfax County at-large School Board Candidate Saundra Davis is leading all at-large candidates in fundraising. Ms. Davis, a retired military spouse and mother of three who settled in Fairfax County for the top-notch schools, launched her campaign in March, intending to put the focus in Fairfax County Public Schools back on academics and away from partisan politics. Notably, donations to her campaign have come in the form of small-dollar contributions from grassroots, individual supporters from across Fairfax County.

Regarding her successful fundraising efforts, Davis said, "These strong fundraising numbers are the result of Fairfax County residents from across the political spectrum joining my campaign to bring an independent voice to the school board so we can restore trust, transparency, and excellence to our school system."

She added, "I have visited every corner of Fairfax County to meet with diverse community members and listen to their concerns about the state of our public schools. Everywhere I go, I hear from parents, grandparents, teachers, and everyday taxpayers who express exasperation, frustration, and disappointment at the decline in academic outcomes. I hear from parents worried if their children are safe at school. I hear from students intimidated into silence. I hear from employers worried that students are graduating without the core skills needed to join the workforce. I hear from teachers stretched beyond their means to help students succeed. Above all, I hear calls for restoring common sense and sound governance."

Davis concluded, "The Fairfax community supports my campaign because they know the current school board has failed us by every measure. During the board’s tenure, SAT scores have drastically fallen; a U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights investigation found students with special needs are not receiving the resources they need; safety and behavioral incidents have increased; and crucial taxpayer resources are wasted. When other school leaders across the country were re-opening schools safely, our students and teachers were locked out longer than almost any in the nation. When our children needed extra academic support, they established a disjointed school calendar that barely meets the minimum requirements for instructional hours. When parents demanded higher academic standards, these school leaders lowered the bar. I intend to be the independent voice of reason on the School Board that our community deserves."

Along with the impressive fundraising, the Davis for Education campaign has already begun supporting students alongside Debra Tisler, a candidate for School Board in the Springfield District, to donate children’s books to Title I school libraries and to collect items for school food pantries. Davis grew up as a military child, has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Colorado State University, and spent her postgraduate years at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where she earned Master's degrees in Health Care Administration and Gerontology. For more information about Saundra Davis and her campaign, visit:



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